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Tin Cottage Journal

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Many of you know eBay has banned the sale of Teacher's Manuals on the site. This ban is broad, and countless auctions have been shut down. It is true that some manage to slip through, but this is only because eBay is not able to police every listing. Among auctions that have been shut down have been vintage Dick & Jane teacher's manuals (honest) and every known publisher, including McGraw Hill, A Beka, Saxon, BJU, and any more you can think of. This has hurt homeschoolers, educational book sellers, and even sellers of collectible & vintage books! In addition to this, eBay continues to raise fees, which forces sellers to raise prices... and sales have been down. More and more sellers are looking to relocate.

A huge group of booksellers got together in a Yahoo group
and have investigated and voted on where to relocate, since eBay is being so crazy. They decided some solidarity is the only way to make progress, rather than scatter all over the net. This group has over 300 members!

The votes are in!
Here are their top choices:


www.blujay.com and


A runner up:

These are good sites. Because they are free or inexpensive to sellers, some will be passing the savings on to the buyers. Little Piggy is going to be clean, as it is home school focused. Blujay wants to stay clean, so if you see something that is offensive, there is a button to click to report it (PLEASE DO!). I don't really know about Wagglepop, but it is one of the sites the sellers have decided on.

PLEASE pass this on to everyone. If we fail to support this effort, then we may just end up with more of what I call "ghost town" auction sites. You've seen 'em. Hardly anyone selling. Nobody buying. PLEASE check out the sites listed above and PLEASE spread the word. We don't have to let the megaGiants of commerce dictate to us. If we unite for change, we CAN make a difference.